Welcome, Welcome, Welcome.

What does it mean to be Saturn*s Sister? It means you meet chaos, & crisis, with creativity, clarity + calm. Maybe not all the time. Probably you freak out at least once a month! That's actually part of your creative genius. So not all at once, but ultimately, in your life, you use all three. You rise. A creatrix of exquisite beauty. Self-led. Solid.

We welcome your creativity, your culture, your intuition, & your resourcefulness. We welcome your chaos, your unclarity & your highest hopes for yourself. While we started here, California moms of 6, we have longed to cast the circle of our family wider, to learn from you, & those you've learned from. So you, here, are a dream come true. We hope you make this circle your own, sharing your days, circling, & generally becoming epic. We are gathering resources with all our hearts. Come in. Sit. And then, let's move. Can we support you, to embody your innate glimmer? That's what we most want. The rest of us need your conscious creativity, clarity & calm,  as much as you do! 

All love. Tiff, Mai, & the Muse Collective