The Daily Salad :: An Easy Kitchen Rhythm


there's something special about slowly, mindfully preparing a meal. i find myself in a hypnotic, altered state as I rhythmically slice and dice, bouncing and patting and humming while wearing my littlest. there's a sweet appreciation for every bite. a soothing reverence and gratitude for its service in providing sustenance. 

my favorite simple & delicious salad:

mixed greens

medjool dates - diced

pink lady apple - diced 

avocado- sliced

chèvre honey goat cheese crumbled on top

trader joe's balsamic glaze as dressing 

*sometimes if i'm in the mood, i add heirloom tomatoes, sliced persian cucumbers, and sunflower seeds! 

(all ingredients can be found at trader joes!)


Tiff DeLancy, mama to two beautiful blessings- daughters Nora Jane & Violet Lu, and wife to Topher, her one love, & polar opposite~ aka the yang to her yin. Passionate about natural/home/water-birthing, breastfeeding, babywearing, yoga (philosophy & lifestyle), and besides mothering, Tiff's a birth doula, yoga instructor, hypnotherapist, and aromatherapist. Her family is lovin' the sunny life in Southern California!