awareness of my inner climate

The chaos came flooding into my life when I started worrying more about what other people thought, than about what my heart knew. My mind began spinning between listening to my own heart, and then listening to both the real and perceived judgments of others. The connection with my heart got a little lost in the process.

I create the spaciousness necessary to create a clear connection to my heart by disconnecting from the world a bit, and reconnecting with the practices and the people that have the power to reel me back to my heart. I write, I listen to music that pulls on my heart-strings, and I call my best friends who know how to lead me to my heart, even when I forget the way. I find calm by taking deep breaths to bring myself back into presence, through meditation and prayer, through “writing it out,” by going outside in nature for long walks or mindful moments, through playing with my kids, and by finding ways to put it all into perspective. Today, most thankfully, clarity looks like trusting my hearts inner-wisdom. It looks like crying it out, and moving forward lighter, and yet with a much stronger foothold on the Earth. Clarity looks like acknowledging the fears and concerns of well-intentioned loved ones, but moving on the energy of the love that guides me on my path. The Seeker's Guide by Elizabeth Lesser is most definitely a book that brought me home, opened my awareness to the mind-body-heart-spirit connection, and gave me a treasure chest full of meditations and tools to integrate into my daily life. B-School, an online business course created by Marie Forleo has brought me home by giving me countless tools to grow my business, while staying 100% true to my heart and my creativity. And the book, “Saved by an Angel,” by Doreen Virtue brought me home by validating my experiences with the spiritual world, as I read the stories of how countless others had experienced and encountered the spiritual world.



My spiritual practice that centers me and brings me home to myself is always a writing practice. I write each night, and the focus on how I write varies depending on what I need at any given time. For the last five months, my writing practice has centered around love. I ask myself the question, “how can I love myself through this?” And this, is whatever it is I’m going through at the moment that is challenging. My writing practice helps me gather an awareness about my current inner-climate, and helps bring my focus on love and restoring peace. My meditation practice varies a lot, sometimes it’s breathing deep and playing with my kids, sometimes it’s laying down on my bed and setting the timer for 15 minutes while I practice deep breathing, prayer, and opening myself to sacred guidance and clarity, and sometimes it’s yoga. Tips I can offer for creating a daily practice of your own? Choose a daily practice that connects you with yourself in a loving way, choose a practice that gives you the tools to work through the tough stuff that shows up for you, and choose a practice that reminds you of your connection to what you deem as holy. Make it a practice to evoke your natural expression and your creativity. Let your practice be fluid, and allow it to evolve over time to whatever it needs to be for you. And finally, be ever so gentle with yourself as you move through this incredible journey we call life!