blow the clutter out of my brain. an artist.


Currentlly, my chaos is coming from being surrounded by moving boxes. Lots and lots of moving boxes. Moving (and if I’m honest, change in general) is really unsettling for me. We’re on the tale end of our move …. we’re out of the old house and into our new one …. but the whole process has really thrown me off my game. I’ve missed calls & appts in the past couple of weeks, and I almost NEVER do that. Eek! Working on self-forgiveness while I continue to unpack boxes.



create spaciousness. find calm.

Creating spaciousness and finding calm are tied pretty closely together for me. I’m an introvert, so both of these can be elusive if I’m not scheduling in time for quiet and being alone. Also, a change of scenery really helps. Recently my husband and I jumped in the car spontaneously and headed out of town for the day. There is something about looking at different scenery and people that is like a breeze that blows the clutter out of my brain. I love how I feel afterwards!



Today clarity arrived when got a mental snapshot of the fact that I CAN homeschool both of my children and run our business simultaneously. Initially just the idea of this brought on waves of panic because I know first hand how much TIME both of those endeavors requires. But then a prayer was answered and I realized that things are only difficult if I decide they’re going to be. If I CHOOSE to be open to something being streamlined and ease-filled, then it can be. Then it WILL be! Oh, beautiful clarity.




books that brought you home.


The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield. – I adore this book. I will always be deeply grateful to Steven Pressfield for choosing to break the content into small, digestible chunks. It’s how I absorb things, but so few books about pursuing a creative life are organized that way. It’s a gem and should be required reading for all humans.


The Book of Qualities, by J. Ruth Gendler – I have been carrying this book around with me through every move since college. Recently I realized I had misplaced my dog-eared copy (lent it out? No recollection.) and so I gifted myself a brand new copy. Self care is where it’s at.




practice. what does it look like? 

In the summer my practice is an early morning walk, before it hits 100F outside. A few minutes of moving, head-clearing and deep breathing. Fall and Winter bring me inside, where I’m more likely to start the day with a sitting meditation & hot tea.

As for a tip…Once I let go of the idea that a practice needs to look a certain way and tuned in to what works for ME (ie. a practice that shifts seasonally) I became a lot happier overall.



We’re 3 years in to creating a business and life that allows both my husband and I to be home if we choose to be. It’s a work in progress, but every year brings us closer AND we’ve been meeting the MOST amazing people along the way! And maybe that’s the point. Honestly, the journey alone has been worth it.



An early career as a park ranger led Waldorfish co-founder, Robyn Wolfe, to her love of illustrating and education. Trained initially as both a public school and Waldorf teacher, she has been involved in art + education for over 20 years, including homeschooling her two children. Working out of the premise that life is short (but sweet!), she empowers soul-filled teachers & families to (re)find their JOY in teaching and making art.