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Mostly in my heart and mind. Also, my bathroom counter. I think the chaos comes from too loose of boundaries. I am feeling the universal confusion when birth happens, people and words and energy coming at us from all directions. This affects my heart and mind. My body feels blurry. Also, boundaries with my kids. My daughters love my bathroom. I have a hard time with the firm and loving no, because, come on, who wouldn’t want to play with mama’s oils and fancy tubes, and loads of jewelry. But I am working on allowing myself to have some space that is all mine. To say no. And to let some of the chaos release. 



I use my practice {yoga, meditation, tarot, nature communion} to balance it all. I am a mother of three daughters, all wild, all beautiful, all edge walkers. The oldest is now walking into young maidenhood/goddess-hood. The grief of her growing and the excitement of her unfolding is a bit overwhelming! And also showing up for the needs of my younger two as well. It’s intense! And a blessing. But shit. It’s a big dance of balance.  I hold space for numerous small business that are actually working themselves into being just One {the whole of me and my path on earth} and commit to showing up daily as a spiritual activist, someone who is not going to back down in the merging of sacredness with social issues and justice. My life is full. But it isn’t easy. And truly it’s the practices, whatever they are that day, that root me and calm me. Maybe it’s just tea by the window. Maybe it’s hours of yoga with kids climbing. Maybe it’s a solo walk in the forest. Maybe it’s catching 20 minutes of meditation. Maybe it’s just chopping the vegetables with a quiet mantra of calmness.


We all can pick something. And we root into it. And allow space to be created. Honestly, just opening up our arms, extending them out to our sides, lifting our chests to the sun up high, and breathing in and out- this is enough- to create spaciousness. It takes 2 minutes. It can be this simple. 

I also create space by learning to say yes to things that are a definite YES. I was taught to be a yes girl growing up. I am learning the power of the feminine NO. This is a constant practice. And it’s not about being negative, or being scared to say yes. It’s about saying NO so that you free up space for the True Yes.  



Mostly in bed. At night. When they are all asleep. Or. In nature. Alone. Against a tree. In the garden. Hands covered in dirt. In my breath. In moving my body with my breath. In remembering my womb and the moon. Closing my eyes and exhaling. Cuddling my littlest on the couch when we should be doing something else. Rose tea. A massage by a lover. Baking something delicious. A clean swept floor. A wild field of flowers. Floating in the river. Nature, mother earth, this amazing planter: she calms me.



Staying off the Internet. Remembering all the good and beauty in the world by staying awake and keeping my eyes open. Laying off the coffee.  Paying attention. Looking people in the eye. Making a fresh juice. Writing. One word after another. Chanting peace.peace.peace while I am stuck in traffic. 




Awakening The Spine by Vanda Scavaletti

Matrona Midwifery Training with Whapio {an amazing teacher of the divine feminine + birth + womb wellness}

Women, Food + God by Geneen Roth 

Rachel Pollack who teaches tarot like it’s literary, like it’s magical, like it’s a story. Because it is.

Between The World And Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates

The moon and her rhythm.

My three daughters + their births.

Mother Earth.

And to be honest, myself and my body and the constant dance I do to connect myself, to embody and inhabit this body- my body is one of my greatest leaders.


more practice.

Yes. To put it simply it’s yoga + ritual. To open up the layers, it’s listening to what my body needs the most. I am ultra-sensitive and a hyper creative. I tend to feel so much. And then radically throw myself into creation. Both of those things are amazing and yet they can take a toll on the body. And so my practice really is to be in this body and on this earth. Yoga, which in so many ways has become this weird and cheesy marketed “thing” - is actually this profound action for me where I allow my spirit and bones to intersect, to come together, to celebrate that I am here, on earth, being held up by this planet. Sometimes I am just so “high” as in “not rooted” - I am spacey, I am floaty, I live in other realms, and I love it, but I want to be more on the earth, in a real way, practicing a movement and a language that allows others to be here, to enjoy here, to do their good work and healing here, to connect with their wombs, their blood, their breath, their bones and their flesh. Dig feet into soil. Lift arms up into air. Sing around fire. Burn down what no longer serves. It’s all practice, really, it’s all ritual. Intention. 



right where you are. Listen. What do you need? Take one action step towards that. It’s not always easy to say yes to what you need. We have been conditioned to put others first. But we must, if we want a practice, devote our being to showing up for ourselves. It does not matter what your practice is. As long as it feels good, and it’s of wellness, and it brings you peace, and you love yourself more afterward. Today, just say yes to the one thing, and take one step closer. 



So much. Sometimes I think too much! I make a lot of bread. Because this brings me back to my old ways, to the ways of my grandmother. Do you know how much creation comes in the form of yeast, rising, kneading and allowing? Whoa.  I am also writing a couple books. Books I wanted that didn’t exist. One is around investigating the wild ways of our feminine bloodlines- which is truly personal- because we all come from different lands and traditions. I am creating my business around the healing ways of my Mediterranean grandmothers- this involves writing, movement, womb work, tarot, plant medicine.  The second book is for young girls, for those ready to bleed, a place for them to map and track their cycles, to write and explore their feelings, and to feel held and honored as they grow and bloom- to take the “gross” out of their moon blood and help them realize and actualize their powers as young as possible. Creating for me is like breathing. I look around: where can I make something more fun, more beautiful? Where can my voice be used to plant seeds? What color needs to be brought in on my dining table? What will bring healing into my girls life? What kind of dance party can we all have right now? What will the music be? 


Life is creation. We all have the fire in the heart and the water in the womb and all we need to do is own our creative powers… and most everything after that will be an act of art.