Today I was outside pulling weeds deep into my flower bed with my Rainbow sandals on. When I was finished, my feet were smothered with soil and covered in prickly buds from the tall stems of Forget-Me-Nots.  Usually, I would take a washcloth and wipe my soiled feet so that I wouldn't track it all over our wooden floors but this time, I felt a need to feel water falling on them to soothe the itch from the prickly buds.  I sat on the side of our bathtub and turned on the faucet to find the perfect temperature and feet fell under the water's spell.  I know this is so very simple, yet I had never thought of doing it before with my dirty garden feet.  I noticed that I was taking time for myself that felt nurturing and suddenly, I had an urge to create a ritual in that moment.  I stood up, ran on my wet tippy-toes outside into our garden and pulled down a few tiny roses from our trellis and then tip-toed back inside to scatter the roses across the tub. THAT felt romantic, like a treat and my whole being felt lit up from within.  It was only 10 minutes of calm in the chaos of Life but 10 nourishing minutes that had a lasting effect on my mood for the remainder of the day.  

My son asked;

 "Why are there roses in the bathtub mommy?"

I told him that mama needed to wash the dirt off of her feet and I wanted to romance mySelf while doing so.  He laughed with me but about 30 minutes later he asked; 

"Can we put flowers in the tub for my bath tonight? My body wants romance too!"

Him saying this made me realize how very powerful those 10 minutes were; for him, for me and how just one simple act of nurturing our Self gives to others and doesn't feel selfish at all.

I think it is important to remind each other that when we take gentle care of ourselves, it inspires our loves around us to do the same for themselves.  So many times we as caretakers can feel selfish for taking time out for for nourishment but truly, we are still giving and nurturing and teaching ways of Love to others by doing so.