Lesson 7: Lighting… Don’t be left in the dark

Lesson 7 title photo .jpg


Always try to use the light that’s available to you, if there is a room in the house that gets better window light, go there for your photos. Iphone cameras are light hungry little monsters, the less light you have the more grainy and fuzzy your photos will look. I try to rely on natural light as often as I can, but there are times where a lamp without a shade can come in handy for some quick direct lighting.

a. Backlit, this is when the lightsource is behind your subject, if you try to take a picture of someone or something in front of a window with sunlight coming in, chances are the camera won’t be able to pull sharp detail on the subject, because the sensor is being flooded with light, this produces hazy and desaturated photos. Generally, shooting backlit photos should be avoided on the iphone.


b. Ambient light- This is great for iphone photos... what is it? Ambient is even lighting that doesn't produce harsh shadows. A perfect example of this is a cloudy day. Less harsh sun beams casting shadows everywhere means you can get a pretty, balanced photo.
c. Play Around- It’s good to find what kind of light you like. Bright sun and harsh shadows can be cool if you know how to balance exposure for both. It’s just all about what resonates with you as a photographer. 

ASSIGNMENT: Take a picture that uses both bright light and shadows to create a cohesive photo.

Email your photo to topher@prizmcollective.com with “Lesson 7” in the subject line.