Introductions :: The Shot, and The Phone - iPhone / 4, 5s, 6s

Hello!! And welcome to Postworthy. My name is Topher DeLancy, I am a Photographer, Zeiss Ambassador, and Husband to Tiff (Co-founder of Saturns Sister) What the hell is a Zeiss Ambassador? Zeiss has made some of the best lenses in the world for over 100 years, and they have selected me to help educate people on photography and share my work as an example of how rad photos can be with their lenses. A more simple way to put it, I kinda know what I’m doing.. Let me rephrase. I really actually know what I’m doing, and if a legendary photography manufacturer trusts me, then you can too! Throughout this course I will give some photo assignments, You’ll submit them to me and I will review the submission and give feedback. Don’t worry, it will only be positive vibes constructive criticism.

When taking a photo or even looking at a photo, there are a lot of things happening behind the scenes that our brain is subconsciously looking for to tell us in a split second if we like a photo or hate it. It’s a combination of geometry, psychology, light, and focus. Sound scary? Kinda, but trust me I’m a big fan of simplifying and breaking things down to be relatable and easy to understand. I’m stoked that you are coming along for the ride to learn how to make better use of that handy tool in your pocket called the iPhone

What makes a camera “good”? Sometimes we think that it’s the number of megapixels that make one camera better than another. And while that can be true, the biggest factor that sets one image apart from another is the sensor. A camera’s sensor is what captures the light and turns it into the image you see. A better sensor results in better resolution, low-light performance, and overall image quality. The iPhone uses a better sensor than any other smartphone on the market. The latest iPhones also have larger apertures which allows even more light and colors to be processed.. Blah blah blah right? Plain and simple, a bunch of cool nerds who make a lot of money in Cupertino California are trying really hard to fit an awesome camera into a tiny little phone. What’s crucial is that you are using a newest/newer version iPhone. You can’t shoot with an iPhone 4 and expect amazingly clear photos to post instagram. The iPhone 7 is about to be released, so if you have an upgrade now is the time to use it!