Lesson 2 :: Camera Apps

The next most important thing you need after a good phone is the right camera        app. There are many to choose from, some free and some costing a hefty price for an app. But let’s be real, even an “expensive” app is about the same price as a Venti White Chocolate Macchiato from Starbucks. (if that’s really a thing) 
Yes your phone has the regular camera that you are used to, but it keeps you locked out of all the features needed to make a shot your own, this is what I like to call Fully Auto, good for the quick point and shoot, but that’s about it.
Here are some Apps and what they have to offer

Filmborn from Mastin Labs
- Its Amazing!! But its not released to the public yet. I put it first because I want everyone to go to filmborn.com and sign up to be notified once the app is available.

Pros: Good camera with Manual Focus and Exposure control for a clean shot
An endless amount of filters that can help define the style you are going for.
Cons: Interface is confusing, and most filters can look too heavy and unnatural.

Camera +
Pros: One of the best tools in getting the good exposure in an iPhone image
Cons: Cheesy filters and too much going on. Busy interface makes it hard to focus on the photo itself


Download VSCO and install some filter packs (a lot of them are free) use the app to take a photo, then apply the look that best suits your taste. Alternate: load an iPhone photo that you have already taken into VSCO and add a filter look.

Once you have done this, email to topher@prizmcollective.com for review. This is a great way for me to learn more about you as a photographer, and to see what style you are going for.