The planet Saturn is associated with brutal times, but really it's about creating firm foundations for future potential.  It's all about fierce realization over airy manifestation. It's a masculine, grumpy old planet, but it knows much about hard work, results, & creating strong legacies. Saturn*s Sister is also about firm foundations, nourishing potential, & fierce realization, but with a woman's knowing & constant connection to the Eternal. She brings feminine creativity, clarity & calm to the chaos of family, lineage, & community-building.




In the fairytale, every 27-31 years, the planet Saturn swings around, back to where it was beside the Sun, when you were born. Life suddenly becomes uber-challenging. Symbolically, he shows up at your door, with tests & challenges.


*For the damsel, Saturn's rough. A bad boy. Trouble. He's sexy, for a minute, over & over again. And then it's all a mess. So she feels troubled, pressured & overwhelmed, over, & over again. She's called to something; aching, longing, hungry.


*For the future Empress, he's a workout partner, a mentor, & a best friend that tells the truth. So she pays attention. She lives her contribution. She's sexy. A keeper of joy, wisdom & medicine, the empress walks thru her initiations with mad style, fed fully.


Everyone gets distilled, purified & humbled. How does the story end?

Doesn't matter. 

You have an empire birthing. 
Claim your life. We're your handmaids, your council & your sistren.  




Each time Saturn Returns (about 27-31, 56-60, & 87-90), you have a series of initiations that want to kick your ass, designed to put you squarely On Purpose. When we can walk thru these initiations with dignity, using open hearts, open minds & open eyes, we come out with a series of unique gifts, strengths & undeniable power. 

When we don't learn our lessons, our resist the rights of passage, then the suffering lingers for years. So we might rock one area of life, & totally miss in another. Even if you're in *the gap,* we got you.

The chaos might look like heavy burdens, a sense of being trapped, & depression. Or it can be a sense of emergency, trauma & danger. You might feel victim, dominated, & eager to bolt. There might be a sense of selling out on your values, or prostituting your life in a way that feels exploitive. Something is off, & it sucks. Your mortality, your resources & your limitations are front & center.



In this community, we intend for you to walk out with all the goodness, by moving thru a series of rites:


-a solid personal yoga practice that calms your body & quiets the noise

-laser-lucid clarity about your purpose & your plan

-goal-setting & results-getting based on your biology, so you aren't trying to act like a man. we do it totally different, both gentle & fierce

-money of your own. based on what you do. and a platform that let's you create income, & *freedom* on-demand

-friends that get it. a community that meets in real-time, on purpose.

-gathering tools from your muse collective, who share tools, treats & inspiration from their own epic lives.

-you'll create a social media platform that can feed you & your family, for the rest of your life

-oh yes. deep nourishment. whole foods, plant medicines & a clean beauty cabinet

-did we mention a home + closet that fits an empress of her own making? 

-understanding your sacred contracts, & the 12 distinct archetypal guides, so you live your best life

-deep, unshakable *response-ability.* you become the owner, author & creative genius of an epic life

-you will walk out of your inherited systems, & walk on to your own fierce freedom



xx, Tiff, Maya + The S*S Collective