Urban*Stead ALMOST INSTANT Daily Bread

bread j.jpg

This very easy, crusty artisan bread dough was developed at my family's gluten-free, bio-regional Farmer's Kitchen Cafe in Davis Cailfornia. It's not what we serve there - this is the super-easy one we use at home for everything - crusty sandwich loaves, focaccia, pizza, & dinner rolls. This recipe makes a ton, four big loaves-worth, which you can just store in the fridge for 8 days. 

We tend to make 2 batches at a time, mixing on Saturdays, popping in a set on Sunday, then making pizza or foccaccia on Wednesday.  Use the biggest bowl you have!! Or if you have a standing mixer, you're all good.


Mix together:

3 C tapioca flour

2.5 C brown rice flour

1 C sorghum flour

2 T xanthum gum

2 T granulated yeast

1 T sea salt



2 2/3 C warm water

5 eggs

1/3 C neutral oil

3 T honey


Add wet ingredients to the dry & make sure it's totally combined. You can use your hands if you want - you might need to keep a bowl of water close to mix in any extra flour. Cover the bowl with a wet towel for a couple of hours to rise. Then refrigerate anything you aren't using in a lidded container, leaving the lid a bit open for air.  

To bake, grease a cookie sheet or cover it with corn meal. Grab large chunks of dough & just press them into the shapes you want - rolls, loaves, foccaccia squares or pizza rounds. Let it sit for 1 1/2 hours. Set oven to 450' & put a metal tray into the bottom shelf.  Use a knife to cut any slashes or shapes you want in the loaf.  Quickly place your bread into the hot oven & add a cup of hot tap water to the metal tray.  {The steam will make the crust crispy!} Bake pizza & rolls for 10 minutes, loaves for 35.