creative clarity comes from diversity

We believe the single most power*full, consistent, & persistent path to creative clarity is diversity.

Above, Saturn*s Sister mamas Renee Wilson & Maya Hackett with a few of our best friends & collaborators in Oakland, California. Each of these women is a feast, a wellspring of goodness, truth & beauty. Everyone deserves, as our Robin Sandomirsky says, "to live a life of feast."  

When we have a spectrum of experience, perspectives, histories, backgrounds, tools & modalities, anything is possible. Our individual questions are deepened. Our personal drama becomes symbolic of larger societal problems, & we have the opportunity to grow individually & collectively. We can mix & match solutions, because together, we have a myriad of options that can't be found in our own toolkits. Ultimately, we can pull from the matrilineage of nations, for the benefit of nations.

Also, studies have shown that those with diverse friendships are more valuable employees & supervisors. They consistently go above & beyond the task required, have more upbeat attitudes, & therefore, they are seen as assets to the overall company culture.

When it comes to business collaborations, diverse teams create innovative offerings, & consistently include tension as a creative tension that makes stronger missions, products, & thought processes. If you have a future in leadership, then expansive, diverse community is where it's at.

And. It's sticky ground.

There is nothing more important today, than the art of speaking & listening. So each month we will offer a new context, to practice doing this well. Bring this to our circle, bring this into your life, & you will have your life of feast.