our community guidelines + the compass of reactions


Our Community Guidelines are a little different. We use a Compass. A Pause. And a Blessing.


The Compass of Reactions 

shows you how to show up calm, clear & creative in the Saturn*s Sister Circle.


There's Three Zones...

1. Your Comfort Zone: this is yumminess. Ease. No effort. Everything that you know.

2. Your Stretch Zone: This takes something. It's mysterious. Exciting. A workout. What you don't know, but you can feel. Stretching into possibility & pushing the limits of your own capacities & understandings.

3. Your Panic Zone: This is too much. You're in too deep, you don't know where you are or how to act. Something's wrong.


And then there's the physical/emotional/energetic response we have when we stretch too far, into our Panic Zone:

Fight: We Attack Self, or Attack Other

Flight: We Withdraw & Check Out, or Deflect + Distract


When it comes to being in a group, it's good to notice when you tend to dip into the Panic Zone. It can happen very quickly! Life is hard enough. If something happens in the Saturn*s Sister Circle that hurts, offends or freaks you - or someone else - out, *PAUSE*

Check in with what zone you are in. Close your eyes & check in with the others involved. *PAUSE* & consider what your commitment is in this circle. Who are you as a contribution? How can you listen to learn, not to agree or disagree? What feels like new information, & a growing edge for you? How can you grant space for your truth alongside the truth of others?

In this circle, we are cultivating womb wisdom, & that comes from being with women in our diverse experience, history & perspectives.

So tension is Creative Tension. Every moment is an opportunity to breathe in others, & to heal ancestral wounds for future generations. By being together, in kindness & curiosity, we are purifying society.



A beautiful blessing to offer any conversation is, Thank You. I Love You. I'm Sorry. Please Forgive Me.

This is from the ancient Hawaiian practice, ho'oponopono, which I was raised inside of. It has taken great care of my friends & family. I offer it to you.

It will anchor you when you feel lost. It will clear the space, & open a portal for creative collaboration between you & others.


With that, welcome to the Saturn*s Sister Circle! Look for your email invite to join our private group on #slack (that's an app).


Thank you for joining us. It's a gift! Maya


*The Compass of Reactions comes from YES! Jams, global gatherings of tight-knit community leaders, activists, creative visionaries, founders & philanthropists. Saturn*s Sister authors Renee Wilson, Jessica Norwood & I have co-facilitated YES! Jams since 2005.