shoes off, find a comfy spot...


Welcome welcome my love,

Let's take off our shoes, find a comfy spot on the floor together, and share stories over tea.

We'll cuddle up, make friendship bracelets, braid each other's hair, and have a massage train. metaphorically speaking. :wink:

But truly. I'm honored to have you sit with us in this humble circle. There's been an important piece missing from our lives for some time, and here we can begin to put the puzzle back together.


So please gather up these essentials for your Saturn*s Sister care kit:

-your favorite fancy drink

-a candle or incense of the most calming variety

-a pretty little 9x12 notebook that makes you feel happy inside (thanks target!)

-and all your best sparkly & neon-colored gel pens (I'm looking at you- Lisa Frank kids).


Be expecting an email soon to join a special space just for you over on #slack. There we can connect more easily and intimately to share questions, comments, concerns, goals, frustrations, heartaches, triumphs, etc.

If you're new to #slack, don't fret... it's quite simple!

Until then my dear!

May your kombucha be bubbly & your heart be open!


Tiff @namastetiff