gentle cleanse smoothies


these have plenty of roughage in them, to brush your insides clean, to physically sweep out toxins & tons of enzymes to aid in digestion.  have these in the morning alone, to give your body a break.  each recipe makes a tall mason jar, enough to share a tall glass with a friend or a few little ones. you don't need a fancy blender for these - you just have to do them in the right order! chop & blend your hard fruits & veggies first with enough water to cover them. pulse until a crunchy puree, then add the soft stuff. you may want to add more or a bit of nut milk.


lahaina sunset

2 apples

1/3 red beet

1/3 carrot

3/4 banana

1/4 kiwi

4 strawberries


orange crush

1 large celery stick

1 apple

1 orange

1 mango  

1 peach or nectarine

1 banana