waxing moon expansion :: marjariasana/bitilasana

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Right now you are expanding into the fulfillment of your Self. So this pose, which is so familiar to many of us, now becomes medicine for the massive growth that is happening at the cell-level. Even if you have a fuller practice, take this one to heart this week, & spend some real time breathing into each vertebrae, so you can unlock some of the potential hidden in your body, & send it into all the places you might need it. It will effect every area of your life.

This is a great article, Everything We’ve Ever Been Told About Achieving is Wrong. The yoga we do here is not about achieving or striving or getting better or cosmetic discipline. It's about gentle, minute, subtle shifts. Deep calm. Easy movement. In everything you do.





Stretches the spine, back & abdomen, increasing the mobility of your vertebrae.

Releases tension in your cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine.

Opens up your lungs & chest

Frees your breath

Strengthens and tones your arms and abdominal muscles.

Stretches your back muscles and abdominal muscles as well as your neck.

Increases circulation of the spinal fluid and massages your digestive organs, including the gastrointestinal tract.

Teaches correct pelvic movements for forwards bends and back bends.


come onto all fours, hands placed directly under the shoulders and knees are directly under the hips. (toes can be turned under for stability) first, relax with a neutral spine. on the inhale, drop the belly down toward the earth, arch the back as chest opens, head and sit bones lift toward the sky for cow pose. on the exhale, curl the spine like an angry cat. tuck the tail bone and the chin and draw the naval point in. continue this ebb and flow with your breath. allow the soft fluidity of your movements to awaken the energy channels along the spine, as the prana cleanses and recharges your body.

Tiff cow pose.jpg

Careful! {Know your edge}

Knee problems

Chronic or recent back pain, injury or surgery

Chronic or recent wrist pain or injury

Chronic or recent neck pain or injury


Also, Try…

-For wrist discomfort or pain, perform cat with your elbows on the floor under your shoulders keeping you hands open shoulder width apart.

-For neck pain when looking up, allow your gaze to only look forward on the inhale phase of the movement.

-For knee sensitivity, place a folded blanket under your knees for cushioning if the knees are sensitive.