Sweet Saturn*s Sister,

Welcome to The Circle!

We've been waiting for you, pouring our hearts into a simple, profound practice of yoga, creative prompts, deep nourishment & plant medicine you'll make yourself.

>> We officially start on August 2nd, 2016 <<<

To prepare, get yourself a big, blank, spiral-bound notebook & a set of pens in at least 12 colors. You'll want a fresh candle, & a favorite tea for our time together.

You can begin your preparing for our time with this simple purifying tonic, that we drink most mornings. It will remove most cravings you have, while cleansing your system for a fresh start. We like to think of it as an opening prayer for our day, a declaration of goodness, truth & beauty. So start your mornings with a tall mason jar of warm water, a fresh-squeezed lemon (I throw my skins in after the juice), an inch of sliced ginger, some honey & a pinch of cayenne.

Meanwhile, look for your invitation to the private group in the next 48 hours. The private group is held collectively by our sister keepers, which include thriving creatives, conscious parents, coaches, successful business owners, healers & spiritual practitioners. Make yourself at home, ask for what you need & connect to the others. We trust you'll find some of your best friends & collaborators here.

 Tif, Maya & the Saturn*s Sister Collective

ps- If you have any questions, you can reach us at love@empresstides.com!